There are 12 different ways to sing or play a triad arpeggio.

  • Any given note can begin on the triad’s root, 3rd, or 5th. 
  • Triads can be voiced in root position, 1st inversion, or 2nd inversion. See Notation Example…
  • Triads can be played or sung in different directions. 

Here is an example of the twelve different ways to organize a triad arpeggio. See Notation Example On “D” Major Triad…

Ways to practice the Harmonic Arpeggio Exercise

  • Construct the exercise using your imagination, without writing it down or reading. Using your imagination helps develop your image of the chord and exercises your ability to construct solos.
  • Learning to sing the exercise before practicing it on your instrument to help internalize the sound and avoid learning mechanically.
  • Imagine all three notes of the arpeggio before you sing. 
  • Think of the names of the pitches as you sing.
  • Apply the exercise to all major, minor, and diminished triads.

Your voice reveals what you imagine. If you have trouble imagining or singing the arpeggio notes, play them on the piano or your instrument to get the pitches. Some arpeggio groupings are easier than others, reflecting their clarity.

These exercises are not just about learning to play arpeggios but how to internalize your harmonic thinking and imagination.